Staying healthy through the holidays

How to Stay Healthy Through the Holiday Season!

christmas exercise fitness health holiday routine thanksgiving women fitness workout Nov 14, 2022

Holiday Scaries and Health Worries?

Are you looking to stay on track with your health goals this holiday season but worried about how on earth you'll achieve that with all the holiday treats and downtime?

No worries, these are normal concerns, especially with all the marketing around being healthy this time of year, time off from work and responsibilities to be a bit of a couch potato for a moment, and the potential talk and fear regarding gaining weight this time of year.

So, let's work through this together! Buckle up because I have lots of tips for you coming up. 

  • This holiday season, count your blessings, not your calories!
    • I am sure you have SO MUCH to express gratitude and thanks for, start with a thankful heart instead of one that is preoccupied with being a human calculator for the holiday feast. 
  • Be present in the moment
    • Notice the tastes, smells, energy, and family members you might not often see. Again, focus on what is important because I promise you it's not the number of calories in the sweet potato pie you have once a year.
  • Focus on what you can ADD, not restrict this holiday season.
    • Instead of focusing on what you can take away from your plate, focus on what you can add instead. Think color, texture, and variety. So, instead of restricting the stuffing in the name of carbs (which are super important to give our bodies energy)add a veggie to the meal so you nourish both your body and soul. Not all foods are meant to nourish our bodies after all! The same goes with the cake and all the other treats, if you'd like to be conscious of a healthy intake, look for a good pairing of protein, fat, carbs, and fruits and veggies for a well-rounded meal to go with the cake.
  • Allow movement to be flexible
    • With holidays, your movement routine might be a little different than you're used to. That's okay! Leave room for the dance parties in the kitchen, turkey trot, hot girl walks, post-meal stretch, and maybe lean into the time of year to rest and relax a little more!
  • Focus on your overall health behaviors, not just what you eat, drink, and move
    • Other behaviors that are health-promoting would be:
      • Aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep
      • Reducing stress
      • Practicing mindfulness
      • Eating in color
      • Reducing alcohol intake
      • Reducing/Eliminating tobacco use
      • Increasing activity throughout the day
      • Stand up more frequently throughout the day (aim for once/an hour)
  • Set small, realistic, and sustainable goals
    • For example, walk 10 minutes per day. Remember some movement beats not moving at all (unless what your body really needs is rest). You might even get that movement by parking a little further away from the entrance to work, store, gas station, etc. 
    • Also, provide yourself grace if you do not hit your goal
  • My last and final tip for you is to remember that your health is a marathon, not a sprint!
    • This means that one piece of pie or one missed workout is not going to make or break your health. Your health is the sum of many consistent patterns. Not isolated actions that make one day good and the other bad. 

Remember, you can totally do this and I'll be here supporting you through it.

Grace upon grace, and count your blessings, not your calories!

With Love,

Maya <3