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Introducing the Empowered

Wellness Journal!

Ready to thrive in your health goals going into 2024? Maybe you have always said you wanted to begin exercising but then two weeks into the year, that goal is old news as other priorities come to the forefront. Or, maybe you are rock solid in your workout routine, but could use some support in other areas. The Empowered Wellness Journal is for you regardless of what stage you are in your wellness routine. You will learn all about health promoting behaviors, how to implement them in a SMART way, and track your progress in a way that leaves you feeling EMPOWERED! 

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Body Empowering

With this journal, you won't focus on what you can't do, you will focus on what you can do and grow from there! If you aren't exercising at all, then try 10 minutes! If you don't have any fruits or veggies, then can you start with a banana with your breakfast? You will focus on what you can add to your life, not what you can restrict and feel empowered through the process.

Health Promotion Based

This journal is not focused on weight.You will never see a spot asking you to track your weight, inches lost, body fat, or anything else. Instead, you will find that this journal is behavior based. Why? Because building a consistent exercise routine, eating nutritious foods, getting adequate sleep and other health promoting behaviors will affect everyone's body differently but will improve everyone's health.

Realistic and Sustainable

You can only benefit from your health behaviors if you actually engage in them! So, we will focus on what is realistic and sustainable to you. If that means 10 minute workouts 5 days per week, then congratulations that's 2,600 minutes each year you have exercised instead of continuing to say "I'll start Monday". Start with what you can!